The digital employee experience (EX) measures the quality of every aspect of an employee’s interaction with the technology they use for their jobs, including digital trends, quality, ease of use, and reliability.

But it’s not limited to only how employees experience the tech themselves. The EX also includes how that technology is supported by IT through upgrades, training, and understanding the employee’s general evolution as tech advances.

The digital employee experience (EX) starts from the moment an employee is hired, and touchpoint stages include recruitment, onboarding, development, and offboarding.

So what is the digital employee experience? Quite simply, it is now the standard employee experience. The Academy to Innovate HR recommends the following considerations when analyzing the EX:

  • Workflow and productivity tools for marketing, analytics, project management, and other daily tasks.
  • Communication tools like instant messaging, emails, video calls, or other internal communication platforms. Think of Microsoft 365 or Teams as an example.
  • Learning and development that focuses on official training and professional development.
  • Human resources and talent management systems that allow employees self-service to policies, compensation, PTO, performance management, and more.

An organization providing a successful digital employee experience (EX) not only provides these tools and opportunities, but analyzes whether or not they’re working effectively. After all, if you’re not analyzing what you’re doing, how can you improve?

The Importance of the Digital Employee Experience

Unfortunately, the reality is that your employees may not be as happy with their jobs as you might think. According to a Pew Study recently cited inThe New York Times, only about half of U.S. workers consider themselves extremely or very satisfied with their jobs.

Happy employees work harder and take more pride in their work. And a quick way to frustrate your employees is to not provide proper support for their technology and work. Employers should strive for a digital EX that works, and encourage efficiency while ensuring your employees don’t have to deal with bottlenecks due to clunky technology.

For instance, it’s one thing to set up your employees with a CRM platform. It’s another to make sure they’re using it correctly. The goal is to avoid frustration while allowing them to get the most out of its features, leading to an increase in both productivity and employee happiness.

How to Successfully Support the Digital Employee Experience

Supporting the digital employee experience (EX) is not too dissimilar in practice toenhancing your employee experience. When analyzing, Ceeva might look at elements that include but are not limited to the following topics and questions:

  • Performance: How fast do devices and programs operate for employee tasks? Are they configured properly?
  • Reliability: Are crashes common? Do hardware connections work? How frequently do employees need to restart their devices or applications?
  • Mobility: How effective are work-related tools in different locations? Can employees maintain their productivity regardless of their physical presence?
  • Collaboration: Do tools increase or decrease effective teamwork?

Managing the Business Challenge of the Digital Employee Experience

These days, employees have high standards. Technology is not only expected to be provided and to work. That’s the bare minimum.

Instead, employees – whether working remotely or hybridly – require a tech-supported experience, want access to advanced software and platforms, and desire a greater understanding of how it works. That’s why you see 71% of organizations prioritizing digitally focused architecture:

As the lines between physical and virtual workplaces continue to blur, businesses grapple with providing seamless digital environments for their employees. A clunky digital EX hinders innovation, discourages collaboration, and can even drive employees away.

Unfortunately, many organizations are creating that type of digital environment. Through our research, a recent Workday global survey of 1,150 senior business executives found only 38% of professional services leaders said their organization was digitally well-equipped.

Examples of Effective Digital Employee Experiences

Our team at Ceeva believes action can be displayed through results. Here, we provide tangible examples to help our clients understand how to foster a positive digital employee experience environment in their organizations.

Ceeva provides a digital employee experience (EX) that look like the following, utilizingMicrosoft 365:

  • Creating a central landing page or company intranet: When it’s a struggle to get everyone on the same page, having a hub of resources and links can save time and frustration.
  • Seamless Single Sign-On: Multiple sign-ons for multiple sites makes little sense.
  • Swift and Responsive IT Help Desk: IT support for humans, by humans. We’re here to help you and your team in meaningful ways.
  • Frontline Feedback: A tool for employees to contribute suggestions and request features.
  • Phishing Protection: Stop phishing through protection software combined with employee education.
  • A Personalized CRM: Creating a tool designed for individual employees.

It’s important to remember that achieving an optimal employee experience takes time. Our team has over three decades of IT experience – and what we’ve learned throughout that time period is that success is found through learning and listening. 

How Ceeva Enhances the Digital Employee Experience

Organizations trust Ceeva to develop reliable solutions to cover their IT needs. We believe that fostering a comfortable and effective digital employee experience (EX) is a pillar for modern business success. 

And we also believe that shouldn’t be your responsibility. That’s why our team is here to support everything from mobile devices tocloud services and what’s in between.

Technology is meant to make life easier. When employees find harmony with their devices, apps, software, and tools, they are better employees. Productivity improves. Happiness increases. And profits go up.

You can rely on Ceeva and our three decades of experience to provide the best service possible, creating a digital employee experience that’s built to push towards your mission and achieve your goals. 

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