COVID-19 spurred many organizations into a fully digital and remote world. Even in the wake of the pandemic, Gartner measures that by 2023, 75% of organizations will restructure their IT risk and security governance. Why? In order to address the widespread adoption of more advanced technologies that the pandemic spurred ⁠— and that restructuring often includes managed cybersecurity solutions.

When an in-house team doesn’t have the experience, bandwidth, or budget to launch the cybersecurity strategy that their business requires, managed cybersecurity solutions are an efficient and cost-effective option to protect their staff, networks, and systems. Despite that, one in every five small businesses uses no endpoint security at all!

As cyber threats continue to evolve and hackers develop new techniques to scam users, modern cyber defenses have become critical. But what are managed cybersecurity solutions exactly? Learn the definition and the most common services that they entail below.

What are Managed Cybersecurity Solutions?

Managed cybersecurity solutions are a line of services for outsourcing the cybersecurity components of an organization's IT requirements. For small to mid-sized organizations, managing cybersecurity using only internal resources can be challenging.

By leveraging a combination of outside IT experts and modern technology, these organizations can stay ahead of sophisticated cyber threats.

Managed cybersecurity solutions offer upgraded management and device or network security for any organization.

Managed cybersecurity solutions are a fairly new sector of managed IT, developed because of the new and rapidly growing threat landscape for unprotected organizations.

Who Provides Managed Cybersecurity Services?

The IT teams that deliver managed cybersecurity solutions are Managed Service Providers, or IT MSPs. An MSPs service portfolio can be wide, but most generally offer at least two or more in these categories:

  • Consulting Services
  • Cybersecurity Training
  • Hardware Provisioning
  • Onsite & Offsite IT Specialists
  • Project Implementation
  • Network Monitoring
  • Penetration Testing
  • Compliance Assistance

MSPs offer valuable cybersecurity solutions to organizations because they bring to the table specialized experts in cybersecurity. In addition, MSPs often have 24/7 helpdesks, use high availability data centers, and can customize their services to meet specific security needs.

Think of an IT team that offers managed cybersecurity solutions as more than outsourcing. Utilizing a MSP who has deep expertise in cybersecurity is a partnership that any team can rely on for critical cybersecurity defenses.

14 Common Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Why are managed cybersecurity solutions so important to organizations? Because there are an untold amount of cybersecurity risks always on the horizon. Ransomware, phishing, malware, and more ⁠— these are all threats that your employees face on a daily basis, and this list will only keep growing. And for smaller organizations, building in-house expertise to mitigate these threats is costly and challenging.


Decision Factors for Managed Cybersecurity Solutions: Gartner

Cyber attacks and cybersecurity investments have become a top concern and financial priority for organizations. 91% of the small organizations and businesses responded to a survey saying they would consider using or moving to a new MSP if they offered the right managed cybersecurity solutions. Of course, “right” meaning confidence in the IT service provider’s ability to respond to security incidents or minimize risk.

This same survey also reported that 52% of SMB respondents agree that they lack the in-house skills necessary to handle security issues. Three-quarters of them are worried they will be the target of a cyber attack in the next six months.

So what solutions do these MSP IT teams offer organizations to stem the tide of this cyber anxiety? Common managed cybersecurity solutions include:

  1. Service Desk or Helpdesk - Provides a 24/7 point of contact for standard IT support and troubleshooting.
  2. Routine Cybersecurity Training - End user cybersecurity awareness training helps protect your employees and your C-suite team.
  3. Virtual CIO - A contracted Chief Information Officer, serving as a dedicated resource for cybersecurity strategy.
  4. Technology Roadmap - The comprehensive planning and budgeting of a long-term cybersecurity program.
  5. Monitoring and Management of Endpoints - Monitor endpoints for performance issues that may indicate a security incident.
  6. Inventory Management - Keep track of all devices and network computers.
  7. Patch Management - Keep software and applications up-to-date with patching.
  8. Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery - Ensure that you have backups for local and cloud infrastructure.
  9. Project Implementation - Support and planning for specialized cybersecurity projects.
  10. Infrastructure Design and Management - Expert guidance for the entire tech stack.
  11. Network Security Design and Management - Design and monitor the network in an effort to identify vulnerabilities or errors.
  12. Wireless Implementation - Installing the most secure wireless solution based on availability needs.
  13. Hardware Procurement and Installation - Source and install technology that will support the cybersecurity strategy.
  14. Line of Business Management - Ensure that critical LOB applications are running with no security issues.

An experienced MSP will understand your environment, support your IT team, and ultimately, address your cybersecurity concerns with their managed cybersecurity solutions. The ability to create a custom solution based on your specific threats and vulnerabilities is an added bonus and indicates a great partnership.

Are Managed Cybersecurity Solutions Right for Your Organization?

While it’s up to you to decide if managed cybersecurity services can better protect your team, hackers have already started counting down the clock for their next attack.
What can you do to equip your employees with better cyber defenses without adding more work to their plates? Partner with an IT MSP like Ceeva to experience enthusiastic and reliable managed IT services.

Dozens of organizations trust Ceeva to develop dedicated managed cybersecurity solutions capable of covering every one of their IT needs, from mobile devices to cloud services and everything in between. Indeed, managed cybersecurity solutions are only one solution our team can bring to the table. You can rely on our experts to manage your IT processes, including training, implementation, and ongoing support, so that you can simply use the technology to achieve your goals.

Ready to gain more confidence around cybersecurity solutions and consider further training? Discuss your security needs, training options, and more with a Cybersecurity Expert at Ceeva today!

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