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Increasing your company security? Of course, you are… everyone is. The dangers of ransomware and data breaches have never been greater and continue to grow every day.

The question is… how do you do it with the least amount of push-back and the highest level of acceptance?

Here are 3 strategies to help make your transition less painful and more effective:

1. Pick a “Company Champion” to lead the efforts and communicate

In working with your Information Technology staff or firm, you’ll be provided with best practices, how-to guides, real-life examples, and training. Pick someone on your staff to be the company champion who works in lockstep with the IT team. The company champion should be the first one to communicate with your staff about why you are making the change, how you are making the change and when you are making the change. With a proper company champion, your staff should feel confident and informed.

2. Provide easy to understand reasons, training, and a company FAQ

Don’t make this about “because we have to”, make it about “we’re protecting the company and you”. If your staff feels that you are looking out for their best interest (which you are) then they will be more liable to go along with the change you are implementing. Provide the staff with light training before the implementation so they know what to expect. Additionally, create a simple FAQ/Wiki where staff can go to find out information about why, how, and when they need to take action. It can also serve as a nice area to document anything that they may need to remember for the future.

3. Make a policy and don’t create exceptions

This is the hardest one! Work with your legal counsel, HR, and/or compliance team to create polices for all security-related changes. Stick to your policies and don’t create exceptions for anyone. Exceptions often create security holes, liability, and the need for someone to remember and manage the exceptions. Stand your ground!

Change is hard, we can all agree with that. But with a standardized process for implementation and communication, it should be a little less painful and a lot more secure.

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