locky ransomware


Another day, another Ransomware phishing scheme...It seems like every day or at least every week, there is a new Ransomware email phishing scheme out there. This time like many times before the scheme is trying to scare you into opening something you shouldn't.Be on the lookout for emails stating "suspicious movements" or "account temporarily suspended" and delete them immediately. Be sure to not forward them on to anyone that you know unless they are a trained IT professional.Some Antivirus applications may pick up the Ransomware before it gets to you and some may pick it up if you open the attachment... but regardless, always report it to your IT staff or outsourced company.If you do open it, make sure to report it ASAP, as Ransomware can encrypt your entire computer and network faster than you think. The only solution may be to restore from your disaster recovery system.So... be safe out there and if you need any help... always feel free to contact us.For more information on this specific strain of Ransomware, please click here for a report from our partner KnowBe4.Rick ToppingCeeva, Inc.412-690-2300 x342

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