By now, you've heard of the infamous "zoom bombs"- online meetings hijacked with nasty images and comments. Whatever your preferred method for video conferencing, there are best practices–not just for a smooth meeting but for your own security.

There has been a lot of talk about security relating to online meeting/conferences. While those companies are working to ensure secure communications, it’s also important to remember to be safe and careful on your own. Be cautious and take your time. Always THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK.

Ceeva has put together a document outlining some of the “best practices” for some of the major online conference/meeting software’s out there.

To get a copy of that document, please click here to download PDF: Best Practices for Online Meetings

Also, we're holding virtual Teams training sessions. Free of charge, small groups and (we promise) nothing too geeky or technical. They're interactive and we go over the basics of how to host and use Microsoft Teams for meetings. If that sounds helpful to you, email us at, and we'll reply with how you can jump in on the next one.

Stay safe and take care!