Kudos! You have a solid backup solution in place. Your server backs up to a device on-premises. That device backs up to a separate location, and that location backs up to a geo-redundant third location. Talk about wearing suspenders and a belt! You should be covered.

But, as we all know in IT, stuff happens. Inevitably, there WILL be a backup failure. What’s your procedure in case of a backup failure? Do you get alerted instantly? Does a ticket get automatically created with your helpdesk?

If you have CeevaCare’s monitoring and backup solution implemented, then you’ll be happy to know that when a backup failure happens, we have you covered.

The split second a backup failure occurs, a ticket is automatically created on your behalf and submitted to our helpdesk where we can mitigate risk immediately.

It’s 10 AM, do you know where your backups are?

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