In October of 2023, Ceeva was delighted to find out we were awarded with being one of the “Best Places to Work” in Pittsburgh. While I’ve seen this term many times in the past 10+ years, I have never really investigated how we would get nominated for such a prestigious award. However, what I have always thought about is “how do we improve the employee experience” when working at Ceeva. As someone who has been at the company for nearly 20 years, we’ve gone through many iterations and of course trials and tribulations like every business. What has always been important to us is creating a supportive and inclusive environment for everyone to call “home”. Many of us spend more time at work than we do at home; my thought process is if that is the case, then you should be happy at work so that you can remain happy at home.

Creating a “people first” environment means always listening to your people, always leading with empathy, and always improving. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly rewarding when you see other people that truly believe in the company culture and your company mission.

When we talk about the “employee experience”, it starts before you even hire someone. It starts with the interview process, the paperwork process and especially during onboarding. According to a study done by Hibob, 64% of new employees are likely to leave a new job within their first year because of a negative onboarding experience.

That’s why we truly embrace the employee experience – for ourselves and our clients. We take pride in making people feel welcome, valued and as if they are a long-time part of the team on day 1. This is “The Ceeva Way”. And we celebrate the fact that as an MSP, we’re in a position to use (and help our clients) use technology to build a better employee experience.

Our Technical Support Specialist team lead Zach Mullaney states, “I'll start by saying I know a lot of companies promise the "We are a Family" atmosphere but rarely hold to that promise. Ceeva is the first place I’ve worked where I totally feel welcome & a part of a team. I was given opportunity and ability to gain new skills, grow with the company and be placed into a position I had not thought possible.”

Ceeva’s employees are a team of people who work together and help each other constantly. That’s just a part of the reason that we value them so much. This is proven by our employee retention/tenure averaging above 8 years. Without your people, you are nothing!

We celebrate this award because it proves that the "Ceeva Way” truly matters. That’s why we emphasize it both with our own internal with staff and with our customers. Winning this recognition means more than just being a great employer – it proves that your positive customer service experience starts with a positive employee experience. And by nature, your employees will pay it forward.

Ceeva is absolutely honored to be a part of the “Best Places to Work” in Pittsburgh class of 2023 and we look forward to keeping the awesome culture that we have created all while serving our customers who we treat the same way, with respect, enthusiasm, reliability, continuous improvement, and empathy.