BYOD or Bring Your Own Device... interesting term. What it should be is BYODAPCDAR or Bring Your Own Device and Put Company Data at Risk... if you're not setup with a true BYOD policy and a way to manage it.Many businesses are allowing employees to bring their own laptops, phones, tablets, etc. to work to use as their business machines. Nowadays, with many applications running the cloud, its much easier to work from any machine which is really convenient.So what's the downside? Security holes. BIG GAPING SECURITY HOLES.

  • How do you control what business information is being saved to personal devices?
  • How do you segregate business data from personal data?
  • How do you ENSURE that company data is safe?

Additionally... how does your IT staff manage and control those devices? One by one you say? YUCK!Traditionally, mobile devices were a second thought and more of a convenience... but not anymore. We're in a mobile world. With applications like Office 365, Google Drive and Dropbox allowing folks to work on documents from any device, many times that device is mobile.You simply must have a way to control these devices and what data they have access to.Our recommendations is to select a Mobile Device Management system. There are many out there, but work with your IT provider to find the one that works best for you. Some are Apple only and some are Apple, Android, Windows and Blackberry.If you need help with any of the above or want some more information, contact us.Rick Topping / Ceeva, Inc.412-690-2300 x342rtopping@ceeva.com

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