Imagine a situation in which an organization gears up for a major event – and on the morning of the big day, their network crashes. Panic sets in. Deadlines loom. If it doesn’t get fixed, it’s a potential disaster.

But look, we’re not here to fearmonger you. This is just a potential reality some leaders face. Organizations must recognize that technology not only fails on a regular basis, but you also face an increasing amount of cybersecurity threats. All Tech Magazine reports that 2023 saw a 25% increase in phishing attacks year over year with over 250 million malicious messages detected. Further, it’s estimated that these phishing scams cost businesses over $30 billion annually.

Managed IT services can help protect you from these IT risks. At Ceeva, we’ve been at this since 1992. We’re not just about fixing emergencies – we’re about preventing them.

The right managed IT services in Pittsburgh can provide a strategy to keep you ahead of the competition and avoid common business challenges like the above situation. But are they worth it for your organization? Budgets are budgets, and decision-makers must be astute with how they invest their organization’s money. To make the right choice for your organization, you must consider the various types of services provided by a managed IT service provider in Pittsburgh.

In this article, we’ll explore whether managed or co-managed IT services are the right fit for you, whether you’re a growing business in downtown or a nonprofit situated in a neighborhood across one of the bridges.

When Managed IT Services Might Not Be Right for You

Of course, the right managed IT services in Pittsburgh can be transformative, but do you need it? The answer varies. But there is a reality in which your organization – depending on its size, impact, growth goals, and other variables – might not need much help.

For instance, let’s say your employees rely on a very basic tech setup, something like managed IT services might not be worth the investment. If your team is small, you might benefit more from a one-off IT project to dot the i's and cross the t's. 

You likely know what’s best for you, but having an IT expert assess your situation can give you an idea of the gaps you may not know about.

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Steps to Determine if Managed IT Services are a Solution You Need

But maybe you do need managed IT services. Or you think you do. To figure out whether managed IT services in Pittsburgh are right for your organization, we’ve created this simple and practical checklist.

5 Steps to Determine if Managed IT Services are a Solution You Need Infographics

Step #1: Audit Your Current IT Challenges

Do you have frequent tech glitches? A slow network? Unresponsive computers? Take note of these types of issues. They disrupt your employees’ digital experience and, at worst, can signal much deeper IT problems. Start by assessing the frequency and severity of these hiccups. Figure out if your team can handle these challenges, or if they have knowledge gaps or are stretched too thin.

Step #2: Analyze Your Future Goals

Think of the big picture. Where is your organization headed? What does it need to get there? Your approach to IT should align with your growth strategy. If you’re eyeing expansion or adopting new software, consider how managed IT services can fuel these ambitions or take them off your IT team’s plate. Remember, your tech today might not match your goals tomorrow.

Step #3: Consider Your Budget & Internal IT Team Workload

Outsourcing IT can be a cost-effective strategy. If your organization doesn’t have an in-house team, you can fill the gaps with a managed service provider. If you do have in-house IT, an MSP can take over maintenance projects while the internal IT team focuses on high-priority items. Even with an in-house IT team, you might need to bring in specialized services for specific cases to prevent overloading your current team.

Learn more about the pros and cons of partnering with a Pittsburgh MSP in this article!

Step #4: Know Your Cybersecurity Needs

Cyber threats are real – and they are relentless. If you haven’t yet, evaluate your current defenses. You might be surprised how many organizations unknowingly put themselves at risk. Pittsburgh managed IT services can bring expertise in implementing and maintaining advanced cybersecurity measures – like Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and data backup recovery solutions.

“In 2022, 76% of organizations were targeted by a ransomware attack, out of which 64% were actually infected. Only 50% of these organizations managed to retrieve their data after paying the ransom.”

- Chuck Brooks via Forbes

Think of it these measures like insurance. When you need it, you’ll really wish you had it.

Step #5: Evaluate the Potential of Improving Your Tech 

Consider what could happen to your organization amidst an IT interruption. Every tech outage, such as when an older on-premise server fails, costs time and money. Managed IT services can ensure you are protected against this risk. It’s a way to improve overall productivity and operations.

If It’s Right for Your Team, Act Now to Prepare

For those who choose their IT environment that needs upgrades, maintenance, or more security, the right managed IT services in Pittsburgh can help. Think about where your organization stands and where it aims to be. If aligning with IT experts feels like the next step, it likely is. 

Dive in, embrace modernizing your organization, and watch your team revolutionize how they work. Interested in what IT experts can do for your team? Learn more about what you can expect with Pittsburgh IT services.

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