Cloud Migration Services – Office 365 for Business

Don’t let your Cloud migration become a thunderstorm!

Are you a small business that doesn’t have the capital to  purchase new servers, licensing, and all of the things you need in order to do that nagging upgrade? Consider moving some of those items off-premise into the Cloud. Don’t be intimidated! “The Cloud” is just a fancy way of  saying “over the internet”.

Ceeva helps small and medium businesses transition easily and  inexpensively to a new cloud computing system. Whether it’s a fully private cloud based system with virtual desktops or just simply going to a cloud-based e-mail solution,  Ceeva has the experience and knowledge to help your business succeed in the cloud.

Office365Ceeva’s partnership with Microsoft allows us to bring our customers an easy and familiar way to work in the cloud. That solution is Office 365. Office 365 incorporates many of the applications and features that businesses are utilizing today including Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and more. We can customize an inexpensive solution to help you migrate to the cloud and stay updated with the latest software versions and trending applications.

Dynamics CRMCeeva also offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM online for customer relationship management. Dynamics CRM helps you take charge of your sales force and capture important information about your clients and constituents. Once a very expensive, multi-server solution; is now more simple than ever. A web-based application with a monthly subscription cost, and no hardware and software to buy. Simple.


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