Cloud Based Digital Dictation

Mobilize your professionals.
Dictate from anywhere, to anywhere from almost any device.

Ceeva has partnered with digital dictation leader BigHand to present legal firms with the next generation of digital dictation and workflow.

BigHand Professional is voice productivity software that combines digital dictation, work-sharing, bighand phonesmartphone apps, compatibility with any current dictation hardware – all with the security levels required by professionals using client data. No in-house server or big up-front expenditure is required. Simply use your voice to get more done quickly, securely, cost-effectively.

iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Blackberry – any of these can be your digital dictation device with instant transcription in the cloud.

View more details here – BigHand Professional Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Record and send dictations from your smartphone, tablet or desktop
  • Send dictations to your support team or to the BigHand Speech Recognition platform for transcription
  • Prioritize your most urgent tasks and set progress alerts so that you can be sure your work is always completed on time
  • Attach documents, photos or important links to your dictations
  • Monitor the progress of all of your tasks in one place and in real time
  • Work in more than one language while continuing to improve your individual accuracy using our multi-lingual speech recognition tool

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