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CeevAlert – IRS Warns of W-2 Email Scams

IRS, States and Tax Industry Renew Alert about Form W-2 Email Scams Targeting Payroll, Human Resource Departments The IRS is warning about another round of “CEO Scam” emails out there… this time, targeting payroll and HR departments. The email scam attempts to get the company payroll officials to send employee W-2 forms. More information from […]

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CeevAlert – New and Scary Double-Ransomware

There’s a new and even scarier ransomware out there… and its pretty scary.  It’s called “Goldeneye” and encrypts your workstation 2 times… and that means paying 2 times if you don’t have protection and backups. Our partner, KnowBe4 has posted a new fully inclusive blog about the new strain. We suggest you read it, educate yourself […]

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CeevAlert – Malware Targeting Android Banking Apps


Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new version of something called “Gugi” malware, specifically targeting banking apps on Android devices. The malware typically comes in via an unrecognized text message with a link included. When the link is clicked on, users are prompted to install software and accept security prompts for “additional rights to work with graphics”. […]

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Bring Your Own Devi… what am i bringing?


BYOD or Bring Your Own Device… interesting term. What it should be is BYODAPCDAR or Bring Your Own Device and Put Company Data at Risk… if you’re not setup with a true BYOD policy and a way to manage it. Many businesses are allowing employees to bring their own laptops, phones, tablets, etc. to work to […]

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Protecting Yourself From Ransomware Attacks w/Wall Street Journal Podcast


The Wall Street Journal tech news briefing podcast today focuses on Ransomware… You can listen here, but we wanted to give some or our tips as well. WSJ – Tech News Briefing – How to Protect Yourself From a Ransomware Attack How do you protect yourself from Ransomware attacks? Good question. Lets start with prevention… […]

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Purchasing new software? Alone? With the vendor? Why?!

It’s all too often I get a call from someone telling me, “we got this new software from XYZ Vendor and it doesn’t work the way they told me it would”. Sadly… its true. Many (not all) vendors don’t take the time to truly evaluate what you need for your business processes. As a professional […]

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The Seven Keys to Compliance – Act Now!

The Question Our Healthcare Clients Ask Us the Most? “We’re not sure how to deal with compliance; can you help?” Ceeva has been providing reliable technical support services to a wide range of clients; including healthcare practices for over 20 years. Our engineers get lots of questions about developing and maintaining good compliance practices. Large […]

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Cloud-Based Digital Dictation for LawFirms

Ceeva has partnered with BigHand to offer a completely inclusive digital dictation solution for the legal space. Dictate from anywhere, to anywhere from almost any device. Mobilize your professionals. For more information please see the data sheet HERE. To get a quote, please fill out our quote form HERE.

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CEEVALERT! – Microsoft Phone-Call Scams

Have you ever picked up the phone to hear “I’m calling from Microsoft, we’ve had a report of a problem on your computer…” – yeah, it happens… and it’s not real, it’s a scam.

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iOS Exchange Activity Resolution

Symptoms When you respond to an exception to a recurring calendar event with a Microsoft Exchange account on a device running iOS 6.1, the device may begin to generate excessive communication with Microsoft Exchange Server. You may notice increased network activity or reduced battery life on the iOS device. This extra network activity will be […]

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