No matter how you know us – whether you’re a client, considering becoming a client, or interested in joining our team – there’s a lot about Ceeva you may not know.

That’s why we have created a series of spotlight posts about the people on the team. In this post, we sat down with Barbara Garrett, a trusted member of Ceeva’s circle who excels at customer relationships and ensuring their success. She shared what she likes doing in her free time, and recommendations for newcomers visiting Pittsburgh.

Are you ready to dive in and meet Barbara?

1. Name

Hi, I’m Barbara Garrett.

2. What’s your job title?

I’m the Client Success Manager here at Ceeva.

3. What does your position entail?

My job entails working closely with our clients to make sure we are meeting their needs, and ultimately exceeding them. This also includes working closely with our IT engineers to ensure smooth communication.

Understanding the vision our clients have for their environment is critical. My role is to make sure we share that vision and incorporate our IT expertise and security recommendations along with it.

All that said, it really goes much further. IT can be very overwhelming for those who aren’t proficient in the terminology and planning. We don’t require our clients to be IT experts; they can lean on us for that. It’s all about communication and partnership and trust.

4. How long have you worked at Ceeva?

I have worked at Ceeva for a little over a year now. I bring with me 15+ years of account management, customer care, and issue resolution experience.

Relationship building is very important to me and is one of my favorite aspects of this position. Isolating during the pandemic was extra hard because I genuinely like working and being with people!

5. What is one IT problem or challenge that you often see, but few businesses are thinking about?

The IT problem I often see is businesses underutilizing their existing IT. For example, Microsoft 365 has so much more to offer than just Word, Excel, and Outlook. Even though a company has paid for their MS licenses, they might not be utilizing Teams, or OneDrive cloud storage, or any of the mobile applications for these tools.

Office 365 has extra security as well and is extremely scalable. It’s something I get excited to talk about when identifying roadmaps with our clients.

6. What makes Ceeva your desired place to work?

Ceeva is a very special place to work. The team truly cares about the success of each and every client.

I love when the team pulls together to help each other, which can range from solving a unique tech issue, to jumping onsite when a last-minute hand is needed, to surprising a coworker with a beer at the end of the day.

We’re all different yet we all click in the most incredible way. It’s fantastic!

7. How would you describe how Ceeva operates with their customers both onsite and offsite?

We understand the working landscape has permanently changed since the pandemic, and the keys to successfully providing support remotely or onsite is accessibility, communication, and being in sync with the priorities of our client base.

When the client needs us, we are available and ready to jump right in. We operate as if we are an extension of the client’s team, and our flexibility in doing so enables us to strategize and set goals forward together.

8. What do you enjoy doing outside of office hours?

When not working, I love to travel. The world is such a big place and getting out of my comfort zone in Pittsburgh to see how others live and just how connected we all are as humans is simply incredible.

I always learn something new when traveling, even if it is something about myself. For example, I now know why mistaking a city center bike path for a road in Amsterdam is a bad idea!

9. If you were giving advice to someone visiting Pittsburgh for one day, what would you tell them to do?

I’m a foodie! My advice would be to hit the Strip District. It is considered Pittsburgh’s international grocery community and offers so much more than just great produce.

My favorite spot is sitting at the outside tables at Cellar on Penn enjoying a glass of red wine while watching the world walk by. I highly recommend it!


Barbara and her daughter on their trip to Dublin

Barbara and her daughter on their trip to Dublin

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